$200M+ Capital Budget

KCP&L, April 2016

Involved in creation, modification, and budgeting strategy for $200M+ delivery organization capital budget. The budget consisted of 276 individual budget items including 66 programs and over 190 projects. Worked with key stakeholders to identify risks, costs, benefits, of multiple budget strategies to ensure minimal risk exposure and maximum benefit while meeting target budget guidelines.

Outage Management System Replacement

KCP&L, May 2015

Project manager for $22M critical software system replacement. Evaluated multiple potential solutions, created economic business case, funding justification, and resource plan for the project. Architected and advised on integrations between multiple systems, implemented new business intelligence platform for real time big data analysis. Also worked with customer facing groups to develop strategy and implement real time alert and estimated restoration time messaging platform for consumers.

Storm Estimated Restoration Model

KCP&L, November 2013

Satisfied an operational need to model storm restoration efforts in real time by performing prescriptive data analysis for executive leadership. Analyzed outage history to determine past performance based on different leadership decisions. System displays how current storm restoration would be affected if leadership makes certain decisions at different points in the storm.

Grundfos Strategic Business Competition

November 2012

Worked with team of graduate level Rockhurst MBA students to prepare for and compete in Global Grundfos Challenge. Team won regional case study competition in Kansas City by recommending strategic addition of intelligence to existing products with a focus on Grundfos business process implementations to take advantage of these capabilities. Team won finalist in the case study in Bjerringbro, Denmark by presenting a strategy to win hypothetical bid from a UK based utility. Proposal included smart devices with a proactive approach to maintenance that leveraged local Grundfos certified partners. Solutions presented included short and long term strategies with immediately quantifiable benefits that aligned closely with the Grundfos core values. Potential savings estimated at $ 17M.